Bambi Cinema on Monday the 14th of November 2022 

(by Mia P.)


The grade Q2 went on an afternoon to evening trip, whilst visiting the Elvis movie in the Bambi Cinema in Gütersloh.  The English LK’s of Mr. Tonk, Mr. Göhler and the English GK’s were introduced to the idea of visiting a movie in English. The Bambi cinema provided comfortable seats, a nice long movie, sweets, and drinks for a little price. 

After arriving at the cinema, we went into the movie room and chose our seats. The movie about Elvis started, it examined and explained his life, his choices, whist introducing the music and the passion he had during his music career. It was lively, exiting and real. Moreover, it pulled the viewer into the life of a musical legend. 

The whole movie lasted two and a half hours, this might seem long to some, but it summed up a person’s life, the choices, the problems, the addiction he faced, the musical area, as well as his love life, his marriage and career in general. 

If you enjoy music, lively, active movies and understand and enjoy English do visit and have fun watching Elvis. 

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