Plant plants! Insects are dying!

Summ, summ….Die fleissigen Bienchen Jana, Anne und Kamil aus der EF haben im Englischunterricht diesen tollen Text verfasst und ihn uns geschickt! Danke dafür! Habt ihr auch tolle Sachen aus eurem Schulalltag, die ihr uns schicken wollt? Immer her damit ( ! Aber nun: Bienchen summ herum…  Plant plants! Insects are dying!

But is that so bad? I think almost everyone would say no, because they are often annoying, but the right answer is yes! It is a really big problem.

Insects, especially bees are responsible for the pollination of plants. Without them, many trees and flowers aren´t pollinated and that means: no fruits, vegetables, marmalade, chocolate, cake, fruit juice, oil, nuts and many other foods! Also, other animals, like bats and birds, which eat insects wouldn´t have enough food. For example, one bat eats 4.000 mosquitos per night.

Bees, butterflies, mosquitos and all the other insects are dying because of many different reasons: less food offer, monocultures, less wild herbs and plants, the climate change, the early harvest in spring, less habitat, over fertilization and especially pesticides.

But it´s easy to protect: you can plant many different native plants in your garden, like fruit trees, chives (Schnittlauch), currant bushes (Johannisbeerbusch) and lemon balm (Brennnessel). With these different plants insects would have a big food offer in summer and spring. Also, you can built an insect hotel for wild bees, which normally need tree and wall columns.

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by Jana, Kamil and Anne

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