A cordial invitation to everybody for tonight

Hello, my name is Jannik from class 6b, here is the information for the concert ,,Turmblasen“.

The concert is on 24.12.22, it is going to start at 0:00. The president is the student Julian Drücker. In the trombone choir there are no teachers, there are only students of the year 5-Q2, that are ca. 20 Students. The rehearsals are on Monday ore Friday, at about 16:30-18:00 o’clock. They’re going to play Christmassongs and other songs. You can play with them when you play a wind instrument. The other concerts are nice, but the ,,Turmblasen“ is the best. We are going to play at the balcony at the ,,Altbau“. I hope you are going to come to the concert ,,Turmblasen“.